Kidscan was established in late 2002 to specifically support research into new and improved treatments for children with cancer.

Our scientists are looking for treatments which are less damaging to the bodies of children and young adults. They aim to reduce both short and long term side effects whilst retaining the effectiveness of many current treatments.

The work carried out within the Kidscan laboratories covers a range of activities from basic research into new treatments, through to applied research focused on improving the outcome of therapies currently used in the treatment of children with cancer.

Our aims are simple:
• To cure more children with cancer.
• To improve the treatment of children with cancer.
• To develop new treatments for childhood cancer.
• To be a source of information about childhood cancer.

How we are funded

We receive no statutory funding. We rely entirely on contributions from the public, volunteers, businesses and funds generated through KidsCan events for our groundbreaking research to continue.


With all of the funding for our vital research coming from donations, Kidscan is a hive of fundraising activity. You can get involved with some of our many fundraising activities by visiting our events website –